Jigsaw Puzzles Online and Free

Try our free online jigsaw puzzles, do feed your addictive treats of puzzling. We play our jigsaws regularly. We thought you might want to have a puzzle play, have a try before you buy type deal. So get into it and play our Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles … you choose which one to play first. Enjoy!

Play front line heroes

“It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture” – In this case, millions of heroes.

Play Frontline Heroes for free

Play the Aussie Spirit

“Life’s a Jigsaw puzzle, you see your big picture, then assemble it, piece by piece”

Play Aussie Spirit for free

Have fun with Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles.

Each puzzle is only 20 pieces so it shouldn’t take you too long to piece it together. And once you do make the whole picture, a bunch on people applaud you for finishing so quickly.

Although we suspect that crowd will always applaud everyone no matter how long they take to finish it.

If you’re not sure how to get started with any jigsaw puzzle, then there are some easy to remember strategies to help you piece together these mind benders.

The Jigsaw Puzzle Playing Strategy

You may be a seasoned veteran jigsaw puzzler and, if you are, these tips may be nonsense. However, if you’re just starting out as a puzzle enthusiast, here are some main tips and or points to consider when starting your jigsaw puzzle journey.

  1. Flip all pieces facing up – Yes we know this may be obvious to some, however, to confirm, doing this makes it so you’re working with the whole puzzle the entire time. Also, flipping the pieces will make the next steps faster.
  2. Find all the edge pieces – Making your edge border gives you a defined space to work inside of. Of course, this strategy only works for standard jigsaw puzzles that do have edges. Yes, some don’t have edges.
  3. Sort all pieces by colour – Doing this will help you recognise sections and areas of the puzzle that are similar to each other. For most puzzles, this part will be pretty easy because you can tell the difference between shades of areas of the puzzle by what colour you see on the pieces.
  4. Special pieces – Some pieces will be part of some really individualistic parts of the puzzle, where maybe text is, or a different colour from the overall colour scheme and it’s only in one spot. Keep those pieces separate and build on them as you can.
  5. Work on small sections at a time – Instead of trying to work on the entire puzzle all at once, which would be so overbearing and daunting, work on small areas so you’re accomplishing sections. This helps keep you motivated too.