1000 piece puzzles - Frontline Heroes

1000 Piece Puzzles by Street Art Jigsaws

1000 piece puzzles made by Street Art Jigsaws tributes our Frontline Heroes & our Aussie Spirit from some important & poignant times in 2020.

You have probably seen this image before. This image has travelled the globe many times over, been seen across all news services, televised globally, used in TV commercials by nearly every major corporate brand going in the world today.

The thing to note is, this image was thought up by George Petropoulos, imagined right there in his own office when he thought to create a Tribute Wall on his building in Black Rock.

He asked local Melbourne Mural artists Melissa and Brigitte if they could create his idea on the Tribute Wall and away they went. Job done.

Since that idea, creation and completion, the image has been photographed and used by every major outlet to show the strength and dependability of our frontline workers, who, take no breaks, take no thanks, just take the time to help people from all over the globe.

We, us, our community, say thank you to all those thousands of Frontline Heroes still in action to this very day, this very second, helping people who have been struck down with Covid-19 and are suffering hideously.

To all those Front liners, we are indebted to you all, forever and a day.

See Our 1000 Piece Puzzles Below –  Heroes Everywhere

Add one or both to your cart and help maintain a healthy frontline awareness of these heroes that are still in need and are still in the fight.

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