Frontline Heroes Medallion


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Frontline Heroes Medallion

Commemorative, poignant and majestic durable Zinc Alloy material with the royal blue colourful Frontline Heroes empowering face.

Can be used as a commemorative medallion or ornament for your pride of place shelves, or a humbling desk piece, a conversation starter, or, a superb, perfect paperweight.

Excellent gift for friends or family or Frontline Hero you know.

This is a limited edition release.

Dated: JANUARY 2021

In stock

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Commemorative Medallion Specifications:

Condition: Brand New, Unused, Unopened, Undamaged Item

Brand: Street Art Jigsaws based in Melbourne Australia

Recommended Age: 8 +

Colour: Duo Colour

Material: Zinc Alloy

Process: Electroplating

Durability: Non Rust, Non Corrosive

Weight: 120 grams

Dimensions: 70mm x 80mm x 20mm [In the case]

Dimensions: 55mm (round) x 10mm (height) [Standalone medallion]

Inches: 2.7″ x 3.14″ x 0.78″ [in the case]

Inches: 2.16″ x 0.39″ [Standalone medallion]

Additional information

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 70 × 80 × 20 mm


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